A Teaching Church

Guidance for lay leadership and assistance in worship

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An e-pub document that may be viewed on multiple platforms.

Visitation Aid for Lutheran Laity


An e-pub document that may be viewed on multiple platforms.

Provides basic guidance for Lay Visitation.

Materials for the Catechumenate (Baptismal Instruction for Adults)


  1. Introduction to the Catechumenate

Handouts for class on Luther’s Large Catechism


1. Introduction

2.First Commandment

3. Second and Third Commandments

4. Fourth Commandment

5. First Chief Part: Wrap up

5a. Ten Commandments: Summary and Illustration

6. Second Chief Part 

7. Second Article of the Creed

8. Third Article

9. Third Chief Part: Lord’s Prayer: Intro

10. First Petition

11. Second Petition

12. Third Petition

13. Fourth Petition

14. Fifth Petition

15. Sixth and Seventh Petition

16. Baptism: Part 1

17. Baptism: Part 2

18. The Sacrament of the Altar – Three Parts


The Lutheran Liturgy: What, Where, and Why?

  1. Intro Biblical Setting
  2. Lutheran Liturgy2 Early Church
  3. Lutheran Liturgy3 Reform
  4. Lutheran Liturgy4 LBW


Lutheran Spirituality

  1. Lutheran Spirituality Intro
  2. Lutheran Spirituality THE WORD
  3. Lutheran Spirituality Baptism and Repentance
  4. Lutheran Spirituality Holy Communion
  5. Lutheran Spirituality Prayer
  6. Lutheran Spirituality Cross and Mortification


Basic Christian Instruction Course

  1. BCI Intro
  2. BCI 2 The Creed
  3. BCI 3 Prayer
  4. BCI 4 The Sacraments
  5. BCI Distinctives
  6. BCI Christian Living

New Member Course: Two Sessions

  1. New Member 1: Theology of Membership and the Catechism 
  2. New Member 2: Review of relevant sections of the Constitution