Worship and Communion

At Advent, we celebrate the Divine Service of Holy Communion most every Sunday morning!

We assemble in a church owned by the Winchester Seventh Day Adventist Congregation, located at 1508 Valley Avenue.

All Baptized Christians who share our confession of faith are welcome to Holy Communion. We believe that the true body and blood of Jesus Christ are present in, with, and under the bread and wine of the Sacrament.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS regarding our faith or our practices related to Holy Communion, Pastor Copeland will happily make himself available to you. If you are not yet Baptized, or unfamiliar with Lutheran teaching and would prefer not to Commune, you may come forward at the time of Communion for a blessing.  Simply cross your arms over your chest in order to inform the pastor that you would like to receive a blessing.

Bishop Bradosky’s Pastoral Letter regarding who is to be admitted to Holy Communion.

After the first Sunday of the month, we invite all to join us downstairs for coffee and fellowship.