Widows’ Group

Psalm 68:5 – Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.

*Currently our Widows’ Group is in hiatus, pending new members. Contact Pastor Porter if you are interested. New members can be paired with our established members in order to be introduced to the group.

Advent Lutheran is blessed to be able to begin a ministry to widows, our Widows’ Group.

We meet on the second and fourth Monday’s of the month to:

  • Share a brief devotion
  • Pray together
  • Address a theme related to life as a widow
  • Discuss a reading from a topically relevant book (We are currently reading Singled Out for God’s Assignment, by local author, Leona Choy)
  • Enjoy mutual support and fellowship
  • On occasion, have speakers and presentations

Pastor Porter leads the devotion and facilitates the discussion, but the mutual support, prayer, and fellowship of the widows is crucial! As Christians sustained by the grace of Christ given in Word and Sacrament, we may endure grief and begin to know new joys and new ways of living.

Contact Pastor Porter for details and location.

Past Handouts

1. Widows Group Intro

2. Widows Grief

3. Widows Group Fear

4. Widows Chapter 1

5. Widows Chapter 2

6. Widows Chapter 3

7. Widows Chapter 4

8. Widows Chapter 5

9. Widows Chapter 6

10. Widows Chapter 7

11. Widows 8 and 9 Wrap up of Singled Out