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Due to the the new sharing arrangement between Advent Lutheran and Lebanon Lutheran churches, Advent’s Service time for Holy Communion will change on July 1st to 8:30am.

As always, question may be directed to Pastor Porter.

Spring Arbor Bible Study: Ecclesiastes

vanity, wind, impermanence, and life in God’s good creation

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T-Shirts! (etc.)

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Design One
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Help support the ministry of Advent Lutheran Church by purchasing a T-shirt, mug, car decal, or other item.

Love your church! Make it visible in your neighborhood…

Contact Pastor Porter for details.


Advent worships with Lebanon Lutheran Church in Strasburg on June 17th, at 9:30 am.

Come and give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ! Click photo for more information.





Any visitors who are considering membership at Advent are encouraged to attend the New Members Class.

Two Sessions (or more if needed):

  1. A Theology of Membership and Small Catechism Review.
  2. Examination of Relevant Sections of the Constitution.

Members also welcome!

Contact Pastor Porter for more information.


Men’s Pub Theology


Meeting once a month at Escutcheon Brewery

Contact Pr. Porter for details.

Bible Study at the Winchester House

We gather in the ground floor meeting room to study the Holy Scriptures together at 10:00 AM. Date of next Session forthcoming. Contact Pr. Porter for details.

Come and join us as we joyfully learn the Word of God!

Sessions are topical or related to the Season of the Church year.


Basic Christian Instruction Course 

Come and learn the fundamentals of Christian Faith.

Six classes, beginning with Holy Scripture– What is it, and why is it Holy?

Subsequent Classes: The Creed – Christology and the Holy Trinity, Prayer, The Sacraments, Lutheran “distinctives” – What makes a Lutheran a Lutheran, and Christian Living (theological ethics).

Contact Pastor Porter for details.